Renewable Futures–Opportunities for Law and Business

Eric Martinot delivered a lecture to the School of Law at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.   The lecture outlined some of the key emerging opportunities and needs for law and business, in moving towards a renewable energy future.  

A video of the lecture is available at:

A summary slide from the lecture:

Opportunities and Challenges for Law and Business

1. Power-sector regulation and policy

  • Grid access and net metering (“1-to-1 buy back rates”) for distributed solar power
  • Local wire fees for “peer-to-peer” business model
  • Lines company incentives for distributed generation and energy-efficiency investments (changing regulatory asset base using ODV)
  • Flexibility incentives and “products” (storage, flexible generation, flexible demand)
  • Stranded assets – how to handle (write-offs vs. subsidies vs. social equity)
  • “Municipalization” of local electric distribution and generation

2. Buildings integration of renewable energy

  • Building codes and standards for “zero energy” or “low-energy” buildings
  • New legal entities for energy-service companies, and building energy-management companies (including heat supply), such as “micro-gentailers”
  • Municipal ordinances for geothermal (ground-source) heat pumps

3. Transport with renewable electricity

  • New legal forms for mobility-service businesses
  • Municipal ordinances governing public-access electric vehicle charging
  • Contracts between electric vehicle owners and electric utilities or demand-response aggregators
  • Traffic and parking regulations for electric 2-wheelers
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