Martinot Publications on Grid Integration 2015-2016

During 2014-2015, Eric Martinot was hard at work on a number of publications and collaborative projects focused on grid integration of renewable energy.  This culminated in the five papers below, which represent a unique contribution to our understanding in several respects.
Grid Integration of Renewable Energy: Flexibility, Innovation, and Experience, Eric Martinot, Annual Review of Environment and Resources 2016, vol. 41, pp. 223-251. A comprehensive review of the measures and innovations for grid integration, with examples from around the world, written concisely in plain language for non-technical readers. Everything that author Eric Martinot has been able to learn about the subject over the past number of years. Link provides web-text version and also allows free download of the PDF for readers' own personal use only. Copyright 2016 Annual Reviews.
Beyond 33% Renewables: Grid Integration Policy for a Low-Carbon Future, White Paper by the California Public Utilities Commission, 2015.  (Co-authors Meredith Younghein and Eric Martinot)  How California is positioned and proceeding to integrate 33% renewables by 2020, and 50% by 2030, including potential policy pathways.
Status Report on Power System Transformation, NREL Report 63366, A 21st Century Power Partnership Report, 2015. (Co-authors Mackay Miller, Eric Martinot, Sadie Cox, Bethany Speer, et al.)  A unique compilation of experience with innovations for power-sector transformation from around the world.
Grid Integration of Renewables in China: Learning from the Cases of California, Germany, and Denmark, 2015, A White Paper for the China Variable-Generation Integration Group (CVIG). (Author Eric Martinot)  Simple explanations of what three of the leading jurisdictions worldwide are already doing to integrate their already-high shares of renewable energy.
Distribution System Planning and Innovation for Distributed Energy FuturesCurrent Sustainable and Renewable Energy Reports (2015): 247-254. (Co-authors Eric Martinot, Lorenzo Kristov, J. David Erickson)  Perspectives on the needs and challenges for distribution-level power companies and energy-service companies as distributed energy grows in the future, including potential game-changing roles across the "transmission-distribution (TSO-DSO) boundary."
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