Global Initiative for Distributed and Local Energy (DALE) launched!

Dear Renewable Energy Colleagues,
For the past twenty years I've been synthesizing renewable energy information and writing about experience and lessons, global status, global futures, and topics like local policies and grid integration. It's been a "me to you" form of leadership, driven by my deep commitment to a renewable energy future. As a result, hundreds of thousands of you have been informed and inspired and better positioned to make renewable energy happen. 

Now its time to say, "enough with reports!"  Its time to change gears!  How about "us to others" instead of "me to you"?  Let's build and lead something together, a collaboration that can change the world!

Please join me in a new "Global Initiative for Distributed and Local Energy" that we will create, launch, and build in the years ahead. This initiative targets the full spectrum of solutions, models, and relationships, emphasizing those that result in local ownership and that provide income to cities, communities, local businesses, and individuals. Among possible strategies, we will tell the ongoing story of distributed and local energy around the world, uncover and share "gems" of experience, help those interested to make choices and get started, and build utility buy-in. We will help people to ask the right questions. And we will paint virtual landscapes of cities, community groups, non-profit organizations, advocates, cooperatives, companies, industry associations, researchers, consultants, and others, for visibility, learning and mutual support.

Please join on the Registration Page. You can register just to voice your support and remain updated. Or you can register to more actively participate. I'm going to be scheduling one-on-one calls to discuss with those interested in active roles, plus online group meetings, over the coming two months. Your contribution can make a difference for the future, as well as provide you with experience, connections, and mentoring.  

This initiative is starting as an all-volunteer effort. Also, this initiative is not a product of any one organization, but is intended to link with all organizations in a collaborative and facilitating process. If your organization is intrigued by the idea of being a partner, please contact me. (The initiative will first need to decide what partnerships mean.) As for funding, we will not compete for traditional funding sources, and long-term envision distributed and local sources, perhaps crowd-funding or finding ways to capture value-added.

Please spread the word by sharing this with your networks and colleagues!  

Onward to a renewable energy future!
–Eric Martinot, April 19, 2017
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