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Power Grid Integration and Balancing of Renewables–Cases of Germany, California, Denmark

Many power grids around the world are already transitioning to high shares of renewables.  The cases of Germany, California, and Denmark are among the leading examples.  Germany has already reached a 30% share and targets 35% by 2020. California will meet its target of 33% by 2020. Denmark is already at 33% wind power.  

How are these regions managing to integrate and balance such large shares of renewable energy?   This question must be considered in the context of the “prevailing… Read the rest

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Renewables Integration and Balancing: The Work Ahead

My focus in the coming years is the integration of renewable energy at high shares into the provision and use of electricity. (The "power sector" but with a very broad definition.) In 2014, I started an ambitious multi-year effort to compile all of the leading examples and stories worldwide of "innovations" for the integration and balancing of renewables, which includes new electricity market designs, policy frameworks, business models, operational and planning practices… Read the rest

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