February 2013: Announcing Global Futures Report // my new blog and Twitter feed

Dear Renewable Energy Colleagues,

For several years, thousands of you were receiving email updates from
me, with news and publications, typically once per year (although
nothing in 2011-2012). Keeping an updated email list has proved
difficult, and is no longer necessary.  So this will be the last email.
Instead, for future updates and news, please follow me on either:

Twitter http://twitter.com/renewables2050
Google Plus  http://plus.google.com/109379151369758845683

Updates to my new blog, Renewable Energy Futures to 2050, will also
post on these feeds.  See the blog at:
http://www.martinot.info/renewables2050 The blog will look at
ongoing possibilities and progress, and stories/cases that point to
renewable energy futures, and feature a periodic personal column.

The most exciting news of course is the recent publication of the new
REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report.  A PDF copy is attached for
you.  (And sorry for the delay in getting this to you!)  You can also
download the report and supplements at  http://www.ren21.net/gfr and
http://www.martinot.info/gfr  (Endnotes and other supplemental items
are still being completed, but drafts of these items are available on
the web pages.)

The REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report took two very difficult
years to write (2011-2012). The Global Futures Report (GFR) follows my
five years of writing the REN21 Global Status Report (GSR), from which
I'm now retired, and for which Janet Sawin and REN21 have been doing an
amazing job upgrading and improving.

The Global Futures Report could be considered a "status of the future"
– or in other words, the status of our current thinking about the
future of renewable energy.  The report does not portray just one
viewpoint or scenario, but rather the "range of credible possibilities"
based on interviews with 170 experts around the world and 50 recently
published scenarios.

I am very proud of this new report. Many have said it is easy to read
– which was one of my main goals — and so you are encouraged you to
read it!  And I am indebted to the entire REN21 network, the German
government, and the other co-sponsors, for creating the opportunity to
craft this unique synthesis.

During 2013-2014, I will be engaged in a variety of public speaking
events using the report, and helping to foster dialogue about the
future of renewable energy. Follow me, and also put forth your own
suggestions and take your own actions to further this dialogue.

Onward to a renewable energy future!


Dr. Eric Martinot
Report Author // REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report
Senior Research Director // Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies

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