January 2015: Eric Martinot update / power-sector integration of renewables

Dear Renewable Energy Colleagues,
Greetings in 2015!  Last year seemed to be the shortest year ever, didn't it?   My last February 2014 update email to you seems like yesterday, but a lot has happened!
1. Now Based in Beijing.  The biggest change is that I'm now primarily based in Beijing instead of Tokyo, as I was appointed to the faculty of the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in the business school. See my new coordinates below. Concurrently with BIT, I'm also spending time each year in California as visiting fellow with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), in Japan working with the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation (JREF) and the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP), and in New Zealand teaching an annual short course at Victoria University of Wellington. During 2014, I also spent three months in Germany as a senior fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), and plan to continue in that role.
2. Power-Sector Integration and Balancing of Renewables. During 2014, following on the REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report, I began a new line of work on the integration of renewable energy at high shares into the provision and use of electricity (the power sector). I have started to compile all of the leading examples and stories worldwide of "innovations" for the integration and balancing of renewables, which includes new electricity market designs, policy frameworks, business models, operational and planning practices for "flexible" power systems, demand flexibility (demand response), local/distribution-level innovation, micro-grids and community-scale systems, and integration with electric vehicles, heat supply, and green buildings. The idea is to show what is possible, to bust the prevailing myths, based on real-world experience.
If you know of such real-world experience and examples, I would appreciate an email, at least just pointing me to them!  More on this work is described at:
Renewables Integration and Balancing:  The Work Ahead
3. New Articles on Power Grid Integration in Germany, California, and Denmark.  My first articles on integration are now available.  I've described how these jurisdictions are already integrating and balancing high shares of renewables today, in a series of three 5-page educational articles for non-technical readers.  (These articles are also being translated into Japanese and will appear shortly on the web site of the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation, which co-supported the work.)  See:
Power Grid Integration and Balancing of Renewables–Cases of Germany, California, Denmark
4. Open-Source Collaborative Project on Renewables Integration.  Also along those lines during 2015-2016, I intend to launch an open-source and collaborative international project on the integration of renewable energy.  The project will focus on both centralized and local/community power and will make available: (a) knowledge for strategy and planning, (b) education and "myth-busting", and (c) advisory services. The project will also develop specific milestones and benchmarks useful for 2020, 2030, and beyond.  More info later.
5. Go 100% Renewables Global Progress Panel. Also during 2015, I will be launching and chairing the "Global Progress Panel" (GPP) of the multi-partner "Go 100% Renewables" Campaign. The GPP will begin to collect case studies and information to track and report on global progress around the world towards 100% renewable energy cities and communities. If you'd like to become a member of the GPP and start contributing cases, let me know!  See:
6. China Renewables. The last time I lived in China during 2005-2008, I created a web page on China renewables. I've started to collect information again, but it will take some time.  My first update is here: 
7. My Career Story. My on-line biography now reads as an extended story of my 25-year career in renewable energy along with motivations and inspirations. You might find it interesting:
8. My Schedule. I'll be in the U.S. from now until end-Febuary, mostly San Francisco.  In general, my schedule is available here:
9. Past Update Emails. Finally, In case you missed some of my past update emails for 2013-2014 ("Dear Renewable Energy Colleagues" like this one), I've now posted them for reference:
10. Future Updates. If you connect on LinkedIn or follow on Twitter you'll get future updates that way.
Onward to our renewable energy future!
Eric Martinot, PhD, Professor
Beijing Institute of Technology
School of Management and Economics
and Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research
5 Zhongguancun South St., Beijing 100081

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