June 2013: GFR update / speaking events / connect

Dear Renewable Energy Colleagues,

If you haven't yet,  I encourage you to read the REN21 Renewables Global
Futures Report, released earlier this year.  My previous update email to
you in late January contained the report as an attachment, and you can
download from www.ren21.net/gfr and www.martinot.info/gfr.  (And a
Japanese-language edition is available at www.isep.or.jp/gfr.)

The report is getting worldwide attention, with many calling it a "must
read."  Testimonials from several noted leaders in the field appear on
the pages linked above.  

Over the past five months, I've conducted a total of 50 speaking events
on this report, with roughly equal numbers of events in Japan, the US,
and Europe.  A full list of events held, with some notes about audience
questions, is now available on my blog at
http://www.martinot.info/renewables2050/2013/102  Other blog entries
detail some of the events.

Most events have been 1-1/2 hours, allowing for much audience discussion
and questions, with some shorter conference keynotes. The events have
been very well received by enthusiastic audiences, and have taken place
at a variety of venues, including universities, international agencies,
research institutes, NGOs, government agencies, conferences, and special

There have also been a number of YouTube videos produced of my speaking
events, with a good selection of lengths:

Keynote at "Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy" conference in San
Francisco (30 min.)

TEDx Tokyo talk:  Renewable Energy Is Our Future (11 min.)

Lecture at University of Colorado Boulder, Renewable and Sustainable
Energy Institute (1 hr. 15 min.)

And a short written summary of some key points I've been including in
talks is available in an MIT news item:

Further events in China, Korea and elsewhere will be planned for the
Fall and Winter. In the meantime, I hope to continue to write and blog
about the future of renewable energy, and encourage you to register your
email address or connection  to receive updates.  You can follow/connect
with Twitter or LinkedIn, or enter your email into my blog's new email

Forward to a renewable energy future!


P.S. For those of you whom I've just recently met during my speaking
events these past months, apologies for the lack of personal follow-up,
and thanks for attending. Hope to manage follow-up starting from
mid-August, after I've taken a well-deserved vacation!

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