March 2014: Eric Martinot update: articles and web site

Dear Renewable Energy Colleagues,

Here is an update on two recent articles of mine, and my web site.

The first article is "No Rooftop Left Behind."  I'm particularly
pleased with this idea, which is a vision for every rooftop in the
world to have a solar panel on it. A shorter version of the article is
being published in the inaugural English edition of the Japanese "Solar
Journal."  As I write in the article, "Let’s adopt this phrase into our
common lexicon. Let’s make this a rallying call for the future of our

So I urge you to share the article link below, and use the phrase
yourself. (Google only gave 6 hits for the phrase, let's make it a
million!) I've also set up a Facebook page and LinkedIn group for
comments and sharing real-world experience, as noted in the article.

Also, I created a new post with recent updates on Japan's renewable
energy situation, including a number of recent news clippings on energy
policy. Japan was second place last year among all countries in solar
power installations, second only to China.  In the past two years, the
nexus of solar power market leadership has shifted from Europe (German,
Italy, and formerly Spain), to Asia (China and Japan). The U.S. was
third last year.

My renewable energy information web site was
completely updated in January, including three brand-new pages on
basics and practice, power-grid integration of renewables, and finance.
The site is now getting over 12,000 visits per month.

Also, a reminder to keep spreading the word about the REN21 Renewables
Global Futures Report. Since publishing it last year, the interest has
only increased, and we're now somewhere north of 10,000 downloads of
the report per month, climbing higher. This report is an excellent and
easy way to understand the future of renewable energy in just 40 pages.
It is literally my best-ever writing!  Pass the word!

Here are the links:

No Rooftop Left Behind

Reflections on Renewable Energy Past, Present, and Future

Japan Renewables Updates/Info/News

REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report

Onward to a renewable energy future!


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